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Holiday Block
  • About PinkTour
    Travel Agency in Istanbul, Adana, one third since 1995, with a total of four branches operating in the International Agency IATA certified.
  • Jim Thompson House in Thailand / Bangkok
    2 at the same time as an architect in New York During World War II, the CIA agent Jim Thompson's house, now used as a museum.
  • Bangkok Chinatown
    One of the many neighborhoods in the country outside of China, China is located in Bangkok. Dining and shopping in Chinatown, Bangkok, especially based on where you can visit the gift shops draw much attention.
  • Kwai Bridge
    It is one of Thailand's world-famous River Kwai Bridge. Saito Japanese prison camp commander in 1942-1943 was built by prisoners of war.
  • Beaches in Antalya
    Lined up along the coast of Antalya beaches are very popular among tourists from almost all the world. This natural beaches, the city presents itself in every county.
  • Beğendik Village
    A different world from the western part of the country, is to sing the uncontaminated nature of the sea and the magnificent, I say hit the wrong estimations will be too.